What is a Growbar?

Cleverly curated seed collections nestled in neat, fertile coir bars, ready to grow. Just add water!

How does it work?

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Here at MindFill, we receive so many positive comments on the range of Growbars we stock as part of our hampers. They are one of our most popular products and we often include them in our bespoke hampers as there is such a wide variety of bars so they cover a wide range of uses. They pop with colour and look like a chocolate bar but our customers are often delighted when instead, they find a sustainable seeded bar that they can use to grow their own tisanes.

MindFill, Maidenhead

My growbar was a gift, i’m happily growing popcorn on my roof terrace.

Fred, London

It was a great and very thoughtful gift to receive and has already given me pleasure as I watch the seeds grow.

Mary, Leicester

Great gift to give from children up to grandparents. Loved the packaging.

Susan, Aylesbury