How to Dry Flowers To Make Confetti

Cornflower Crown Double

Nothing is more romantic than beginning married life under a cascade of beautiful flower petals. Unlike paper confetti, real petals have brilliant colour and float beautifully in the air. They’re also completely natural and biodegradable.


  1. Flowers should be cut before they have fully unfurled- they will continue opening after cutting.  If you wait until the flowers are completely open the petals will start to fall before they dry.
  2. Snip stems on a dry day, in late morning after the dew has dried. Damp flowers may become mouldy.
  3. Strip most of the lower leaves from the stems. Remove any damaged or blemished petals.
  4. Tie small bunches of flowers together with rubber band.
  5. Hang bunches of flowers in a cool, dark and dry area. An airing cupboard, attic or darkened unused room is ideal. Exposure to sunlight will fade the colour of the petals. You can make a simple drying rack by laying a broomstick across the back of two chairs.
  6. Most flowers will be dry enough to use within two weeks.
  7. Strip the petals gently and store them in a dry, dark box until the big day.

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