How to care for your flowers

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Jane Austen took a keen interest in the outdoor landscape and gardens play a major role in her novels.

“Full many a flower is born to blush unseen, And waste it's fragrance on the desert air.”- Jane Austen, Emma

Cornflower’s will be happy in flower borders and perfect for a classic garden cottage. The electric blue will attract a variety of Bee’s and butterflies, offering a good source of nectar. Cornflowers are happy in containers on a balcony, in a good amount of light and well drained soil. They are a pretty hardy flower, and can grow up to 50cm. They last well in a vase and look great in a wildflower bouquet alongside lavender, larkspur, baby breath and a few stems of mignonette.

Sweet William, with their fragrant, showy flowers will add a vibrant colour to any boarder or classic cottage garden. They enjoy full sun and well drained neutral soil. The plants will be happy in pots or containers on the balcony as long as they get enough light. Snip off dead heads to prolong flowering throughout the summer. Sweet William will add a lovely scent and texture to any mixed bouquet. Keep the vase topped up with plenty of fresh water and they flowers should stay looking fresh for over 7 days.

Mignonette bears small and sweetly fragrant flowers filling any garden with a glorious scent. The subtle colours look great in borders and beds, as edging in an urban garden or in a classic cottage garden. Mignonette enjoy full sun, well drained soil and can grow up to 50cm. Depending on sowing, flowering will be May-August. Dead head regularly to prolong flowering. The scent from the flowers will add a wonderful additional to any bouquet. After cutting, the stems should last up to 5 days in a vase.