How To Build The Perfect Bouquet

Flower Bouquet
  • To build the perfect bouquet carefully choose a few stems as your focal point.
  • Arrange these attractively and bind them securely together with twine, being careful not to damage petals with rough handling.
  • Add further flower stems and foliage around the centre, laying each stem at a slight angle and binding as you go, turning the bouquet in your hand.
  • When you have a beautiful and secure arrangement you can trim stalks to the desired length and cover the twine with ribbon or lace, winding it around the stem and securing with pins.
  • To keep cut flowers beautiful for longer, position the vase in a cool place away from central heating or bowls of ripening fruit. Empty the vase every few days to clean the inside and refill with fresh new water, re-snipping the stem of each flower before returning them.