How To Build A Bee Hotel

Bee In Yellow Flower

British bee numbers are sadly in decline so it’s more important than ever that gardeners give these beautiful and vital insects a helping hand. Fewer bees mean far fewer fruits and vegetables, and a summer without the sight of these charmingly fluffy and entirely essential insects busily at work amid clouds of pretty flowers is unimaginable.

Our Bee Bar is perfect for pollinators, but it is also important to make Bee friendly spaces for Solitary Bees. They will be attracted to a Bee hotel and will make individual nests for their larvae in the holes provided for them. Bee hotels are perfect for the balcony and gardens of all sizes.

What you will need

  • Sticks of bamboo of varying sizes, 2mm – 10mm in diameter
  • Large plastic bottle with one end cut off/ or wooden box/homemade box
  • Nails
  • Strong string
  • Scissors
  • Secateurs


  1. Carefully cut off the top of a large plastic bottle with a pair of scissors. Make a hole at the bottom and top of the bottle carefully with the scissors. Thread a piece of string through each hole.
  2. Trim down the bamboo sticks with secateurs so they are the same length as the bottle. Fill the bottle with the bamboo sticks, make sure you have different size sticks, so that the holes vary in size.
  3. Place your Bee hotel in full sun, facing south in a well-protected dry spot and at least 1 metre above the ground. It can be nailed to a fence post or tied over a balcony. Keep the hotel dry, otherwise the contents may grow mould.
  4. You may need to move your bee hotel to a cool and dry space in the autumn and winter to protect the nesting bees.
  5. If you don't want to use plastic, then a wooden box, an old unused bird box or if you have the tools to make your own wooden box, this will work too. Screw a hook on the back so the box can be placed on a south facing fence or wall.