Create a butterfly friendly garden

Butterfly On Scabious

Unfortunately Butterfly and insects numbers have been in decline for a number of years due to various reasons including habitat loss and climate change, so it is extremely important that gardeners give these gorgeous and vital species a helping hand.

All butterflies have a special tongue-like part of their mouth, called a proboscis. This can extend to intake nectar from the smallest of flowers like valerian, Thyme Serpyllum or marjoram. Butterflies can also taste through their feet.

Butterflies love the sun, so plant out the Valerian, Thymus and scabious plants from your Growbar in the sunniest area of your garden, or if your outside space is limited, simply place your seedlings into pots or containers positioned to reach full sun.

To create a more natural look, group plants together in three’s and cluster plants together by colour.

Red Valerian can grow up to 1m tall, so place this at the back of your butterfly garden.

Scabious can also grow up to 1m tall, place plants in clusters in front of the red valerian.

Thymus serpyllum is a creeping plant, so this can be placed at the front of the butterfly garden, ensuring the plants get a good amount of sun throughout the day.